Custom Balloon Installation

We create jaw dropping installs for your special event.
Transform the front of any space, add a focal point that your guests will want to share, and make your event one to remember.

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Garlands, Installs and Deliveries

Our balloon garlands start at $25/ft. 15% installation fee applies. FREE Delivery on garlands within 5 miles of our storefront!

*Rentals do not include any balloons.

6ft Grab & Go Garland

Assembled by Salty Soirée, pick up at our storefront, and hang it at your event. Fits in a SUV, and we provide tools to display. 

*Add ons extra.


Balloon Hoop - $100 
Balloon Wall - 5x4 $300, 6x6 $400, 8x8 $600, 10x10 $800
7 ft Arched wall (color customizable) - $100
7 ft Sweets/favor display arch (color customizable): $150 
6 ft Half arched wall (color customizable): $100 
6 ft Hollow “rainbow” arch (color customizable): $80 
8x6 Sequin wall: $200 
6x6 Boxwood wall: $125 rental 

*Rentals do not include any balloons. Balloon garlands are $20/ft

**Delivery is a flat $30 for all rental items unless ordering more than 2 rentals or if the location is more than 5 miles away. Delivery includes drop off and pick up. 

Add Ons

Mylar Balloons:

Orbz, Stars, Heart Balloons
Letters & Numbers Balloons
Birthday & Specialty
Characters & Animals
Food & Drink

Florals: starts at $50+
Giant teddy bear rental: $20
Vinyl add on to arched walls: $25
Vinyl add on to balloon: $10

Latex Balloons

Color Chart

Custom pick your colors to make the perfect balloon arrangement!

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Non-helium balloons can last several weeks indoors but only a few days outside.

If you choose outdoors, we will do everything we can to make your balloons last. With that said, balloons are not a fan of wind, hot sun, and rain. Darker balloons tend to pop much easier in the sun, so choosing lighter colors and/or putting them up in the shade is recommended.