Salty Soirée

18" Birthday Metallic Dots Balloon

The tried and true, classic standard balloon! The most economical mylar balloon. Two sided printed themes made from lightweight metallised films. It is the cornerstone of almost all balloon decorations. Essential when designing the theme of a balloon bouquet, sending gifts, or adding to your larger scale balloon decorations. Most bouquet designs include a few latex balloons, 1 large Supershape balloon and a 2 or more standard mylar balloons. The advantages of the standard mylar balloon is that they are available in thousands of different themes and prints for almost any occasion. They can be inflated with a straw, hand pump, electric inflator, or helium regulator. Mylar balloons typically hold helium for up to 2 weeks. Standard mylar balloon are self-sealing and reusable.
  • Standard 18" Birthday Metallic Dots balloon
  • Self-sealing
  • Reusable
  • Floats with helium
  • Includes Helium

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