Burton + Burton

18” Crystal Clearz Purple Balloon


Helium included.

Orbz balloons are some of our most favorite mylar balloon. They provide huge impact and look stunning. Typically used in balloon garlands, balloon column toppers, or suspended around a room. They can be inflated with air or helium and have a self-sealing valve. Cannot be fully inflated with a straw and breath alone. The balloon needs to stretch to form and requires more power from an electric inflator, balloon hand pump or helium regulator. If inflating with helium, it requires the latex valve to be used. The latex valve will provide enough force to fully inflate the balloon. Please note that during inflation, it may make a popping or cracking sound as it expands. This is from the seams seperating and should not alarm you that the balloon may be popping. Fully inflate until all the wrinkles are gone and the balloon is perfectly round.
Short Description
  • 16" Purple Crystal Clearz balloons are an industry favorite!
  • Inflates to an almost perfectly round ball shape
  • Self-sealing
  • Requires a hand pump or electric inflator to fully inflate

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