Salty Soirée

Deco Bubble 24” Blue Confetti Dots


Deco Bubble balloons (, also known as bobo balloons, are made from a stretchy, transparent plastic material, commonly referred to as "Mylar" or "foil." This material provides a clear or semi-transparent appearance to the balloon. One of the defining features of deco bubble balloons is their transparency. This allows for better visibility of any designs, messages, or special effects inside the balloon. Bubble balloons can be filled with air or helium. These deco bubble balloons do not include a self sealing valve. They can be sealed with a heat sealer, ribbon or tying the tail into a knot. Deco Bubbles are commonly stuffed with confetti or other items to create a gorgeous crystal ball look. Great for centerpieces, gift ideas, bouquets or
part of your balloon decor.

  • Includes Helium

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